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Our Governors

The Governors and Associate Governors of Clarendon Primary School

  Graham Coldman

Current term of office:  01/09/2015-31/08/2019

Graham Coldman – Local Authority Governor & Chair of Governors

I have been a school governor at a number of schools since the early 1980’s, firstly through my previous occupation as a ‘neighbourhood police officer’ and then as a Baptist Church Minister.  I have been on the governing body at Clarendon for the last 8 years and continue to enjoy working with the staff to support the education of our primary aged children.

Ensuring the best outcomes for the children remains my focus for continuing in this role and I seek to be part of a strategic planning group that enables the highest standard of teaching and learning possible.  I am also fully supportive of our school ethos that aims to provide a caring and nurturing school environment that enables children to learn, feel safe and be happy.

  William Neale

Current term of office: Whilst employed at
the school

William Neale – Ex Officio Governor and Headteacher

I have been a teacher now for over 16 years and am passionate about ensuring all children are provided with the best possible opportunities in order to be successful and achieve the very best they can. As a teacher and parent myself, I know how important and precious these formative years are and believe it is important to work in partnership to ensure every child not only enjoys them, but makes the most of every possible opportunity.

During my teaching career I have been lucky enough to have undertaken a range of exciting roles in a variety of primary schools and believe that, whilst sometimes challenging, teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

During my time at Clarendon, I have enjoyed working as part of the school’s governing body. Whilst providing challenge and support for the work we do, the governors always ensure that the children’s best interests are at the centre of their work and decisions made support the best possible outcomes for all. Whilst it can be a challenge to meet the ever changing demands of a fast moving world and frequently changing educational climate, the governors’ unrelenting focus on this core value ensures the school is always striving to provide the very best we can for all.

  Karen Handley

Current term of office: 10/02/2015-09/02/2019

Karen Handley – Co-opted Governor & Joint Vice Chair

I became a parent governor at Clarendon Primary School in April 2014 and currently have two children attending the school; one in year 5 and the other in year 3.

Since my children started Clarendon I have enjoyed taking an active role, whenever possible, in the life of the school by helping on school trips, listening to the children read and supporting them during class activities. I also enjoy being an energetic part of the school’s PA group, helping to organise fundraising events that raise ‘extra’ money for the school to spend on enriching our children’s schooling experiences still further.

As a professional I have had many years’ experience working with children and their families, encouraging them to have an active say in decisions that affect them and their lives.  I believe that as a parent it is important to express our views regarding our children’s education and I strongly believe in the importance of having a parent’s perspective within the school’s governing body.  I am fully committed to supporting Clarendon as it continues to develop, focus on continuing to raise standards and plan for the future and enjoy bringing my skills, professional and personal, to this challenging, but rewarding role.

  Brian Sansom

Current term of office: 10/02/2015-09/02/2019

Brian Sansom – Co-opted Governor

I became a governor at Clarendon Primary School in November 1998, where I spent many years as the Chair of the Governing Body. Whilst I am no longer the Chair, I still take an active role in supporting the ongoing development of the school.

Betty, my wife, and myself have lived in Spelthorne for fifty years and have two children, both of whom attended Clarendon School when it was based in Clarendon Road.

I am a qualified Electrical Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I retired in 1995 after giving forty years’ service to London Transport where I reached the position of Chief Officer for Electrical Supplies, reporting directly to the Company Engineering Director. Following my retirement, I became a Company Director of my own consultancy company.

  Louise Watson

Current term of office: 16/12/2015-15/12/2019

Louise Watson – Staff Governor

I became staff governor in December 2015.  Employed as an enrichment teacher within the school, I am passionate about how the school is developing in an ever changing society.  I bring to the governing body a clear understanding of the school’s ethos and culture.  Within my teaching I strive to ensure children reach their full potential preparing them to face the challenges that lay ahead.

I serve as a strong link between staff and the governing body ensuring that the classroom and children's learning is at the heart of discussions and decisions made.

  Mike Devlin

Current term of office: 08/11/2016-07/11/2020

Mike Devlin – Parent Governor & Joint Vice Chair

I am a local parent with 3 of my children currently attending Clarendon Primary School. I am passionate about the school’s educational performance and the solid foundation it aims to build within the children. I am also committed to supporting the school in the emotional, moral and social development of our pupils.

In my professional life, I am a director of a multinational company, which I feel helps bring a range of valuable skills to the school’s governing body. As a school governor I hope that my personal drive and motivation as well as my professional skills will help influence, protect and enhance our school as well as support the ongoing improvement of pupil outcomes.

  Claire Maunders

Current term of office: 10/02/2015-09/02/2019

Claire Maunders – Co-opted Governor

I first became a parent governor in 2010 and am now in my second term as a co-opted governor. I have two children, who both attended Clarendon Primary School.  My eldest started in 2002 and my youngest finished in July 2015; so I have had 13 years involvement with the school.  During this time I have taken an active role in the PA and, wherever possible, have helped with school visits and events.

In my professional capacity, I run my own consultancy business which works with Local Authorities to maximise their income from Central Government. In the current economic climate Central Government funding is being reduced across all areas, including education, which places additional pressures on schools trying to ensure they continue to provide the best possible outcomes for all children.

Over the past 13 years I have seen the high level of support and commitment that is given to our children by all staff within the school.  I believe that learning should be fun and believe that the time our children spend at school should be filled with happy memories.  These formative years are some of the most valuable years in their lives and I believe that as parents we should play as active a role as possible in their children’s schools.  

  Shaunette Scotland

Current term of office: 10/02/2015-09/02/2019

Shaunette Scotland – Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor at Clarendon Primary School for nearly 2 years and am keen to challenge and support the school to ensure it always provides the best possible outcomes for our children. I am also a teaching professional myself, within the secondary sector, which I feel helps provide a valuable dimension to the governing body as well as helpful insight to my role.



  Matt Edwards

Current term of office: 29/11/2016-28/11/2020

Matt Edwards – Co-opted Governor

With a son in year 4 and a daughter in year 1 at Clarendon, I enjoy taking an active role in the life of the school where possible, by helping on school trips and by helping the Parents Association raise extra funds for the school. I am heavily committed to supporting the governing body in their strive to make the school the best it can be. Building a solid foundation for the children now, sets them up for the rest of their lives. It is our role to support the school wherever possible in order to make this happen.

In my professional life I am a Business Development Director of a small business; where working to build relationships is key to keeping the business successful. I feel my skills and motivation will help Clarendon Primary School continue the development and successes it strives to achieve for all its pupils.

  Rahul Popli Rahul Popli – Parent Governor

I joined The Governing Body as an associate in March 2016. I have two boys currently studying in Clarendon Primary School. My primary objective is to support the school and current governors in the excellent work they do. I deeply care about school's ability to continue to provide an environment where pupils are motivated to learn and feel safe.

In my day job, I run a consulting business providing IT services to companies in and around London and South East.


Associate Governors

  Chujia Cai Chujia Cai – Associate Governor

I was appointed as associated governor at Clarendon Primary School last year, January 2015. My daughter is currently in year 1 and I am passionate about supporting the ongoing development of the school.

I have spent 10 years of my professional life working in financial risk section and am very good at quantitative matters. I am now part of the governing body’s finance and data groups, where I aim to provide constructive feedback to the school in order to support them in these areas. I also enjoy taking an active role in the Parents association.


Governors who have previously held office in the past 12 months

  Mike Rickwood

Term of office ended July 2017

Mike Rickwood - Parent Governor & Vice Chair of Governors

I am in my second term as a governor at Clarendon, having been initially appointed in 2010.  I currently have a daughter in Year 6 and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of both hers and the school’s journey over the last 5 years. During this time, I have also been heavily involved in the work of the Children’s Centre which provides invaluable early years support for children and families in our community.

Although I don't have a background in education, apart from going to school myself!, I hope my skills honed through 27 years of working in the Civil Service helps the school and Children’s Centre provide good outcomes for the children and most importantly ensure they are getting the very best start in life so that they can go on and realise their true potential.


'Doing our best to achieve our best'