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Clarendon School Uniform

Our school uniform helps pupils to feel proud of being part of our school community. We encourage children to maintain a tidy appearance and remember that they are ambassadors for our school. Please ensure ALL items of clothing are clearly named.



School Uniform

At Clarendon our school uniform consists of:

  • Purple sweatshirt / cardigan with Clarendon logo

  • White polo shirt (White polo shirts, with the Clarendon logo, are optional.)

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or grey school trousers or shorts

  • White or grey socks or tights, if children are wearing a grey skirt of pinafore, or black or grey socks if children are wearing grey school trousers or shorts.

  • Black school-style shoes (low heel, not trainers or boots)

N.B – The above items of clothing can be worn all year round.


During the Summer Term and for the 1st half of Autumn Term, children can choose to wear a purple and white checked summer dress instead if they wish.




  • Black shorts

  • Purple round neck T-shirt with Clarendon logo

  • Plimsolls or trainers

  • Plain black tracksuit for winter use



Other Items

  • Baseball Hats with Clarendon logo for summer use or plain baseball hat instead (optional)

  • Reversible fleece coat with Clarendon logo (optional)

  • Book bag with Clarendon Logo on (required in Nursery, Reception and Year 1)


Jewellery should not be worn to school although children may wear a watch when they can tell the time. In addition, children can wear either a single stud earring or a pair of stud earrings in school, however, they must be removed or securly taped with fabric plasters during P.E. lessons.



Pre-Loved Uniform

At regular times throughout the year, including at school Fairs, our PTA sell pre-loved (second hand) school uniform. If you would like more details about when these events will be taking place, please email our PTA:



School Uniform Supplier

Whilst most of our uniform can be purchased from most shops that sell general school uniform items, specific items that have our school logo on can only be purchased from the 'School Uniform Direct' store.


Address for the Staines branch, where specific items are always stocked:

23 High Street,


TW18 4Q