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Safeguarding and Other General School Information


Safeguarding is taken very seriously at Clarendon. Not only do we ensure that our children are safe at school but also that they feel safe and know how to keep themselves safe. All adults who work with your children are DBS checked. We work closely with outside agencies if necessary and ensure that we address the needs of our children with a great deal of care ensuring confidentiality.


The school is part of the Operation Compass Scheme which has been designed to provide early reporting on any domestic incidents that occurs outside of school and might have an impact on a child/ren in school. Operation Encompass will ensure that a key member of the school teaching staff is informed that there has been a domestic incident outside of school. This member of staff will then ensure that the child/ren are supported in the most appropriate way during the school day. (N.B - This member of staff already has safeguarding responsibilities in the school and are fully aware of the sensitive and confidential issues regarding such information.) For more information please visit




School Council

We believe that it is important to give children a ‘voice’ in some of the decisions which are made in school. Chosen representatives are democratically elected from all year groups to join the School Council. Representatives are encouraged to talk to their class before voting about new things such as equipment, playground games and fundraising events aimed at supporting local or national causes.



Parental Involvement

We work in close partnership with parents/carers and have an ‘open door’ policy welcoming them into school to discuss any ideas or concerns that they may have. Teachers dismiss their classes to parents/carers in the playground at the end of each day and this provides them with a valuable opportunity to touch base with their child’s teacher.




At Clarendon the wider welfare of our children is paramount. We have a high level of staff trained in First Aid and there is a First Aider on duty throughout the day. We have a Welfare Assistant who looks after children if they are injured or become unwell and liaises with parents when necessary. In case of medical treatment in school, your child will be sent home with a sticker to alert you.


In line with school policy, parents may request for medicines to be administered in school. Special arrangements are made for children with particular medical needs e.g. diabetes, allergies etc. Where possible, we ask parents to avoid sending in other medication. However, should medication need to be administered in school a ‘Pupil Medication Request’ form must be obtained from the office to give parental content for staff to administer this.



Charging Policy

Our charging policy is in line with Surrey County Council. Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of educational visits, visitors to the school or workshops. If you have financial difficulties, we encourage you to contact the Headteacher. All requests for support are dealt with in the strictest confidence.



Health and Safety

In the interest of health and safety, Clarendon operates a no-smoking policy and requests that all visitors refrain from smoking on site. For the safety of our children, we request that no dogs are brought onto site.



Complaints Procedure

We actively encourage you to come and discuss any issues which may arise with the class teacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team. We want to be able to quickly resolve any issues which arise to everyone's satisfaction. However, if a matter is not resolved, Clarendon has a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available either from the school office or from the 'Key Information - Policies' section of this site.